Do you feel stuck? Mired in the mundane? Paralyzed by fear of the unknown?

Are you hungry for lasting change? Deeper, richer, more meaningful life experiences? A fire under your ass to not just talk about it (your hopes, dreams, wishes, what if’s and what for’s), but to actually, once and for all BE about it? To create a life that aligns with your highest purpose?

Yes? I hear you. In fact, I WAS you. While in transition from desperately stuck to vividly alive, I began a transformative journey called life coaching. Through coaching, I discovered a new way of Being in the world, in which I aligned my truest values, most creative ideas, and deepest hopes into a beautiful reality of my own design.


“So here’s the deal: I’ve seen actual IMPACT, movement and growth in the 4 weeks I’ve worked with Carrie as my coach. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve gotten really, really angry…which is usually a sign that I’m in the last stages of letting go of the grip held on old stories that are comfortable but also,…GARBAGE. It feels good to release those tired, frantic fists and allow soft exploration to take over that energy space. I can’t tell you that it’s easy. It’s uncomfortable for sure but I’m learning that the discomfort felt while cutting a new path through uncharted terrain is where the magic happens.”

Kelly H.


“Carrie is a tremendously gifted coach. She has a way of compassionately leading you to answer your own questions and find your own solutions while feeling totally heard and acknowledged. Her nurturing spirit and authenticity create a safe space to be vulnerable and uncomfortable, yet fully supported and fiercely encouraged, and unapologetically you.”

Rachael H.


Working with Carrie is an absolute joy. The questions she asks just pulls the things you never knew you had out. Throughout the whole experience she made me feel like ‘we’re in this together.’ I was insecure, lost and frustrated before I started working with Carrie. Through many sessions and exercises, I have seen a difference in my day-to-day life and so have the people around me. She was non-judgmental and approached each issue I brought up with such discernment and wisdom. The tools that she gave me truly worked! I can say that my experience with Carrie has truly changed me. I am a more confident human being and an even more well rounded person because of her. I absolutely recommend working with her. Carrie truly worked some magic over my life.”

Katie H.

“Life Coaching with Carrie Wren inspired me to challenge my sense of self.  She is supportive, gentle and compassionate, while encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.  Carrie creates a safe space to explore personal goals and navigate through life’s stories. I have a stronger voice because of our sessions together and highly recommend working with her, if you are ready to be empowered.”

Hope S.

“I sought Coaching when I hit a major plateau in my life. I began working  with Carrie and saw my own growth happening as I begin looking at my own  being and identifying (and declaring!) the life I want to live. I had a career shift to actually become a Coach myself, after being a therapist for 18 years. The communication and connection in my relationships became richer and stronger. My relationship with myself has grown, and how I want to be in this world is coming to light. Carrie is an awesome coach – she kept me accountable and pushed me out of my comfort zone with her sweet, kind approach!

Lisa F. 

As a Life Coach, I consider it my highest purpose to stand for the possibility of:


Who is really underneath your mask of known and familiar and being who you think you “should” be? Who would you need to be to make the kind of difference you really want to make in the world?


What if you were in charge of your own life? What if you were At Cause of your own choices, rather than At the Effect of external circumstances? What if you were emboldened to be unapologetically extraordinary?


What if you played a bigger, bolder game? What might tapping into your fullest capabilities, resources, skills, and talents make possible? How could bringing your biggest, most brilliant self into the forefront change your own life, the lives of others…maybe even the world?

It gives me tingles just thinking about what is possible for you. Let’s you and I put our heads + hearts together and chat. I’m all yours for 90 juicy minutes of Complimentary Coaching. Try it on. See if it fits. I promise co-created inquiry, insight, and action designed to support you in stepping forward into your greatness.

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