How May I Be of Service?

Please check out my service menu and let me know how I might best meet your needs.

Looking for an inclusive, engaging yoga class designed to both challenge AND support you? Check out my schedule below for regularly scheduled group classes in Charlotte, NC. If one-on-one instruction is more your style, hop over to my Private Instruction page for info on customized sessions. I look forward to sharing yoga with you!

Why Private Yoga?

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve spent time packing your clothes for yoga, driven the commute to your favorite studio {possibly within the limited time of your lunch hour, or worse: the after-work rush hour!} to get to your favorite studio {then driven in circles around the parking lot with fingers crossed that a spot opens up}, raced to the studio to stand in the check-in line, waited for a restroom to open up, to FINALLY make it into class, only to squeeze into the few square inches of space left for your mat {the one you had to rent, because you left your mat at home}, late…exhausted…frustrated.   What if there was a better way? Because Private Yoga sessions are available in the comfort of your home,  you save yourself the mad dash + time drain + frustration often involved in getting to a group class. On average, my clients save 1.5 hours with each Private Yoga lesson as opposed to group classes. Plus, it is so much easier to feel comfortable + at ease within your own cozy space. Bonus: if you hope to develop an at-home yoga practice through our work together, you’ll already be in the habit!   Perhaps you’ve had this experience: you are new yoga student in a group class setting geared toward multiple levels of students. As the teacher calls out instructions to the class {all of whom appear to be Cirque du Soleil stand-ins}, you hear lingo or cues that you don’t understand. You feel disoriented… self-conscious…out of place.
"Carrie is a compassionate and gifted yoga instructor and her ability to blend her skills as a life coach into her teaching creates a holistic experience that allows me to manage my stress and focus my energy on all that I need to accomplish off the mat.   I discovered Carrie when my doctor insisted I do more for a bulging L4-L5 disc than ask for a prednisone prescription.  She suggested yoga and I told her that there just was no way I was going to step into a yoga studio for the first time at age 51 and embarrass myself!  So private instruction has been the perfect solution. Private sessions allow me to learn yoga at my own pace and develop routines geared towards what I need each day—sometimes energetic, sometimes meditative, but always focused on what matters most to me at the time.  After almost 4 years, Carrie and I can Skype a session from the road when I am traveling so I don’t get out of our routine. Carrie has quite simply changed my life—and through the practice of yoga, taught me the importance of creating time to clear my mind and live in the moment—and carry the focus and balance found on the mat throughout the rest of my life."
~ Jeff H, 1:1 yoga client
"Meeting with Carrie each week has been a game changer.  Every session is different and always exactly what I need.  Her compassion, wisdom and collaboration have helped me reach deeper levels of growth and wellbeing through the practice of yoga.  I am truly grateful for her support and guidance." Mac C, 1:1 yoga client
What if there was a better way? With Private Yoga sessions, you have my full attention. There is no one else to compare yourself to. There is absolutely no expectation of what you  “should” be doing. I am with you for in-the-moment feedback + support to answer any questions that come up for you throughout the session. We work together to find the movements, postures + techniques that feel right to YOU.   Maybe you’re in this situation: you have a specific need for which you are seeking help through yoga. Like back pain. Or a highly stressful job. Or a restless mind that you would desperately like to calm. When you’ve attended general group classes, you are unable to receive the individual attention + specialized techniques that you know in your gut would actually help you. You’re not even sure the teacher knows your name, much less how to address your unique needs.   What if there was a better way?  Your yoga practice should fit you like a glove. In Private Yoga sessions, I offer a fully customized experience that integrates nearly 1000 hours of advanced training + years teaching experience, plus a decade of service in the mental health field. You have my fullest attention + support. I am your accountability partner + biggest cheerleader. And I believe that our collaborative effort can create helpful change for you.

What Is it?

  • Thai Yoga Therapy is a deeply relaxing, revitalizing, hands-on healing practice consisting of a series of  flowing, assisted stretches + pressure along the body’s energy points and meridians.
  • Thai Yoga Therapy is based on 4 essential qualities: loving-kindness, compassion, joy + peacefulness, which are woven into each session.
  • My Thai Yoga Therapy clients often describe their sessions as a deeply meditative experience, resulting in a profound release from mental + physical stress.

“I discovered the wonders of Thai Yoga Therapy almost a decade ago, after my original guide moved away, it took time to discover the right new one. After my first session with Carrie this summer, I knew I had found the right new one. Carefully guiding my bending and stretching, she worked to relax tight muscles and helped stiff joints flow with new-found energy. After each session I float back to my home, blissfully discombobulated. Thai Yoga Therapy with Carrie is an experience like none other; healing, strengthening, and energizing, and is one of the highlights of my week!”
~ Tom P, Thai Yoga Therapy client
"My private yoga sessions with Carrie began in April 2014. But my body started to weaken so we switched to Thai yoga. I was eventually diagnosed with ALS in May 2016. Carrie has supported me throughout my journey. Our sessions are full of healing, hope, and laughter. She is an intentional divine healer. If it weren't for my time with her, I believe this disease would be progressing much faster. As she works on me, she channels her divine energy and wisdom. I always feel more stronger, relaxed and enlightened after our sessions. I am blessed to have her generous and loving presence in my life. Don't wait any longer. Take advantage of the support Carrie can offer you."  ~ Roz S, Thai Yoga Therapy client